Wil Roach

A regular contributor to Sydney Writers Circle’s weekly meetups, Wil Roach is well underway with a memoir, as well as having performed his poetry at interstate festivals.

He explains here the sense of achievement he feels since he’s immersed himself in a world of writing. Watch for his upcoming memoir on growing up as a child of Caribbean migrants from Trinidad in London.

‘Words have filled my imagination since before I could possibly know what they meant. I used to hear my parents recite English poetry with a Trinidadian lilt, and tell endless stories from their less-than-idyllic childhoods and in young adulthood as British colonial subjects.

At school I used to follow the strictures of my English Literature teachers with varying degrees of excitement and dread, never considering myself a writer but, instead, a dispatcher of exam results. Then in my late teens I discovered philosophy through the works of Simone Weil, and existentialism through the writing of John Paul Sartre and Albert Camus.

Now I am a writer not complete but on a journey that has begun in earnest.

I write and perform my own poetry publicly. I am writing the first of three books of memoir dealing with migration, integration and further adventures. I enjoy writing extended essays and short stories.  For me to inhabit that world of writingI once only read about feels like a miracle.’
Wil Roach