Author Promo Videos

Author Promo Videos

Filmmaker Faisal Sayani, who has recently joined SSOA, is offering video promos to create a major boost to authors’ Facebook profiles.

Whether you are a self-published or a mainstream author, a promotional video can make a big difference to your public profile.

It gives you the chance to put your work into context, about what writing means to you and how readers can appreciate your style and substance.

And the final edited video – your Author Video – will cost you just $470 – that’s less than $500 for a professionally filmed and edited product.

Faisal Sayani is a documentary filmmaker and broadcast specialist with over 17 years experience in the leading television news and current affairs networks of Pakistan. He has conceived, developed and produced dozens of successful current affairs shows and documentary series. His latest film Feica vs Feica has been making the rounds of major international film festivals, after receiving a special mention at the Mumbai Short Film Festival.

Just click to make contact with Faisal and arrange a meeting to discuss the approach you want to take for your public profile video.

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