Writing tip from historical romance novelist

Writing tip from historical romance novelist

Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell

Writing tip from Anna Campbell

What advice does the best-selling historical romance novelist, Anna Campbell, give to ‘aspiring’ writers?

‘Stick to your guns and write a complete manuscript. Personal experience indicates you’ll hear a siren voice whispering to you about 100 pages in, insisting that what you’re writing is terrible and you should try this new wonderful idea. That siren voice is actually your fear speaking. Don’t listen to it. Personal experience also indicates that 100 pages into that wonderful new idea, the siren voice will start whispering exactly the same poison. You’ll learn things from plugging through to the end of a manuscript that nothing else will teach you.

‘And once you’ve finished the manuscript, put it under the bed and write something else. Once you have, go back to the first manuscript and only then start editing. You’ll be surprised how many mistakes you can see once you’ve got a bit of distance. Not only that, you’ll have learnt skills writing the next book that you can use to improve the first book. 

Good luck!’

Great advice! Our thanks.

QWC in Brisbane is sponsoring a session by Anna Campbell on October 7 on ‘selling and marketing your novel’, referring to her as a ‘superstar’. She’ll discuss different publishing platforms, agents, manuscript submission and more, with hands-on exercises.

Interview republished here as an excerpt from a John Purcell interview with Anna Campbell for Blog Booktopia.

About Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell was born in Brisbane, Australia, and grew up on an avocado farm with views of Moreton Bay and Stradbroke Island. She has a degree in English literature degree from Queensland University, and published her first historic romance novel in 2007.

She has been voted Australia’s Favourite Romance Author by the Australian Romance Readers Association and her books are published in Turkey, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Russia, Italy, Indonesia and Thailand. Her titles include: Claiming the Courtesan, Midnight’s Passion, My Reckless Surrender, Captive of Sin, Tempt the Devil, A Rake’s Midnight Kiss, Untouched, A Scoundrel by Midnight, Tempting Mr. Townsend, L’inaccessible.

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