Books by Dr Christine Williams

Dr Christine Williams has written several books, which include:

002Christina Stead: A Life of Letters

Australian writer Christina Stead has been described as ‘one of the few really original people’ and the author, Patrick White, considered her a ‘novelist of genius’.

This biography draws on correspondence, memoirs and interviews with her friends and family, as well as her short stories and novels, to show this gifted writer’s extraordinary life.

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Green Power 001Green Power

A history of the environment movement in Australia told through the lives of conservationists. The book’s introduction gives a concise synopsis of major developments in the story of growing conservation consciousness by Australians.

Bob Brown (Greens founder), Albert Namatjira (inland artist), Judith Wright (poet), Myles and Milo Dunphy (activists), David Stead and Thistle Harris (ecologists), Ian Kiernan (Clean Up Australia) and Bill Neidjie (indigenous storyteller) are among those whose lives were changed by their love of nature.

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fathers & sons cover Fathers & Sons

From diverse cultural, social and family backgrounds, Australian men provide intimate insights into the relationship between fathers and sons.

“He wasn’t just my father, he was my mate.”
Wayne Haylen, barrister.




• Chris Andrikidis – cryogenics engineer
• Graeme Blundell – actor
• Ric Charlesworth – sportsman
• Marcus Einfeld – judge
• King Fong – businessman
• Stephen Gunther – Gestalt therapist
• Wayne Haylen – barrister
• Richard Horsington – transport consultant
• Michael Kirby – judge
• Karl Kruszelnicki – science writer
• David Newman – nurse
• Brian Peck – public affairs manager
• Lionel Rose – former world champion boxer
• Norman Swan – health journalist
• Ted Whitten Jnr – former footballer
• Michael Wilding – writer
• Robyn Williams – science broadcaster

Now available for sale on this website.