Harry Hartog Bookstore

Harry Hartog Bookstore


Diane Harding’s latest novel  A Taste for Diamonds looked dramatic lining the bookshelves of Harry Hartog’s Bookstore at Warringah Mall when it was launched a few nights ago.

Ferdinando Manzo had designed the cover to capture the passion of tango – that same passion that can create a desire for diamonds.

About sixty people including friends, reviewers, customers and members of SSOA’s writers groups attended the book launch.

One of Diane’s grandchildren greeted us at the door to hand us a program. We were then invited to help ourselves to the colourful spread of snacks and drinks which was arranged on a large antique wooden table at the back of the store.

In an interview, Diane described her six careers and her sheer determination to reach her final role as an author producing works of fiction.

Di Harding book launchA Taste for Diamonds is Harding’s second novel and explores in lively detail a diamond theft, involving a fateful dancer, passion, love and money. It’s a story that unfolds along with the quick assertive but beguiling steps of the tango.

Drawing on her work as an educator with broad experience of human nature, culture and literature, Diane explained how she had put together a work that plays with the feelings of the reader through the hypnotic rhythm of the tango. The desire to achieve and the intriguing ways of acquiring what we want are explored with the intricate attention to detail that a mature mind can bring to a story.

After the interview, SSOA Director, Christine Williams, launched the book and invited prospective authors to keep their dreams alive by attending writer’s groups and believing in the value of their stories.

Diane’s family – her grandchildren, children, husband and close friends, have been her inspiration. She has accomplished a great deal in her life and writing two works of fiction is her gift to the future.

Buy Diane’s book here or at Harry Hartog’s Bookstore or online at Amazon Books here.

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Copyright: text Geetha Waters; photos C V Williams and Geetha Waters.

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